Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo 3

Today I got my copy of the game.
 I can safely say, that it's simply awesome. It matched all my expectations. There are some changes I don't really like, (you can't distribute statpoints on your own, identifying item by right-clicking them) but I don't think I don't get used to them. I love new classes and environment. It looks to me as if Diablo II evolved - something got taken off, something appeared - but all in all it's a new game. I can't say if it's better than Diablo II yet. It looks like another very good game by Blizzard, but I got only past Skeleton king, so there's much to be revealed yet. I like new auction house, but players set prices for low level items ridiculously high (I don't really get it). I feared, that this game will not be the game I waited for decade and a year, (LoD was released in 2001) but it is something i will enjoy playing. Well, I hope my old barbarian friend can withstand few more blows and I make it through all difficulties. I recommend you to buy this game, because it's simply awesome. I'm looking forward to spending my time in the world of Sanctuary again... after all those years :)

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